Access Oracles That Bring Real-World Data to Smart Contracts

The Zap Store allows users to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and Decentralized Application compatible data feeds.

Nick Spanos

-Nick Spanos, Co-Founder of Zap
Featured in Banking on Bitcoin


Available at the following exchanges:

Choose Your Oracle

Navigate within our simple UI to find what you need. We categorize all oracles based on feed type, price, user ranking and data source.

Choose your Oracle

We allow for a large number of parameters to be input in the search query, making it easy to locate the oracle and data feed you need.

Select Data Feed

Filter for specific locations, upload frequencies, timeframes, exclusivity, and price, to find the data feed you need for your smart contract. If the feed you're looking for does not exist, create a bounty for it!

Select Data Feed

Data is valuable - for both sellers and buyers. With flexible parameters, we make it easy to find the exact information you’re looking for. Zap makes sure you don’t overpay for extraneous information.

Purchase with Tokens

Use Zap tokens to purchase a data feed. As the tokens are transferred, a smart contract will provide the access to the data feed.

Purchase with Tokens

All purchases are recorded on the blockchain, making them immutable, anonymous and secure.

Access Data

Input data feeds into your smart contracts. Smart contracts can execute commands instantly and with no human interaction, allowing for flawless data driven decision making.

Access Data

Follow the data in real-time on the Zap Dashboard and supply your smart contract with incoming information.

Input to Smart Contract

It's simple, download the ready to use smart contract, plug n' play, code. Just set the configuration and voila! The data is oraclized and ready to be used.

Input to Smart Contract

The smart contract is created in the Ethereum based programming language, Solidity, and can be easily converted into other computer languages!


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