Third-party Feeds as Oracles

Companies and organizations that specialize in collecting information have yet to solve the problem of smart contract connectivity. Using the Zap Project, they can finally bridge the gap between smart contracts and the real-time data.

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Third Party Oracles Third Party Oracles Third Party Oracles

Solving disputes: Linking travel oracles to smart contracts

Thousands of insurance disputes based on arrival times and cancellations are handled daily by cohorts of lawyers. With smart contracts, these disputes can be automatically solved instantly. 

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Mitigating disasters: Tracking tectonic movements  

Earthquakes cannot be prevented. But with smart contracts controlling both public and private water, gas and electricity flows, disasters can be prevented without any human interaction. 


Gearing for the future: Navigating driverless cars

Tesla, Otto, Waymo. Driverless cars are already out there. With oraclized traffic data, smart contracts can help them avoid heavy traffic and accidents


Optimizing energy: Let smart contracts purchase energy

Energy prices are volatile, and vast amounts of money can be saved by letting smart contracts buy energy when prices are down.

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